Authors and artists

Being an author or an artist is sometimes like fighting a war with yourself. Bringing an idea to life, especially when faced with blank medium waiting to be brought to life, creating something from nothing, is a unique challenge. The people on this page have found a home here, with Imholt Press, and you could be next.


Timothy Imholt PhD

The guy who started it all, and hated every single larger publisher he met with because they demanded he do a lot of things he didn't want to do. So he said, screw it, and started his own firm.


Stephan Nilson

Stephan has been a comic writer for years. Some of his earlier works, currently out of print, will be brought back to life by Imholt Press in the near future. Stephan is currently transitioning to serialized novels based on his comic series.


Michael Garst

Michael is the co-author of several books, fiction and non-fiction that are currently in the Imholt Press family. These will be expanded soon with the upcoming release of part 2 of a series simply, and frighteningly called: The Last World War.


Coming Soon

We are in discussions with several other authors, and will be releasing information soon on a newly obtained series of Children's books to be released starting in Summer of 2017.