Fiction Novels by our Authors Available Today

The Forest of Assassins, by David Forsmark and Timothy Imholt is a fast paced Historic Thriller set in the earliest days of the Vietnam War. It gives the reader a chance to live the day to day lives of the Navy Seals on the first experimental unit, and is set in a time before we admitted that we had combat troops in Vietnam, or that Navy Seals even existed.


These men had a unique challenge, to survive, and not let out the secret of their mission or even their existence.


It has been ranked in the top 5 on the Amazon Historic Thriller best seller list, and continues to be enjoyed by readers in print, eBook, and audiobook formats.

China Bones, by David Forsmark and Timothy Imholt is aanother Historic Thriller set in the earliest days set throughout World War II. It begins in China, before the bombing of Pearl Harbor when the United States still had troops stationed in that nation. It follows through the horror of Pearl Harbor and a Pacific Island campaign that is one of the most horrific things ever seen by humankind. It is more romance than war novel, but readers interested in both topics have enjoyed the pages of China Bones.


China Bones is available in eBook, Print, and AudioBook formats.

The Last World War, Volume 1: When Iran finally develops nuclear weapons it triggers the Last World War, and it will forever change the surface of the Earth.


With political chaos in the United States, one of the world’s power hungry regimes decides to play a card it has held close to their chest. Iran unloads five nuclear weapons on targets in the United States and Israel.


What happens when one person stands up to the challenge, to overcome the evil that men do to each other? He stands up against those who will destroy the rest of humanity for whatever mindless reasons they claim justifies such chaos and inhumanity on a global scale. It is a story of survival after an unimaginable disaster and the first of thrilling series that is destined to change the way we think about fighting the wars of the future.


Degrees, Book 1: In 2030, human civilization is faced with almost certain extermination. Weather patterns have become more extreme. Super storm after super storm pops up without warning. Some cities and even some smaller nations have become uninhabitable. Some say it is a man-made issue, others claim it is natural. To those losing family members, to those whose lives are destroyed, it doesn’t matter what caused it, they only care about how to make it stop.


A Collection of Mother Goose Tongue Twisters and Nursery Rhymes. Mother Goose is best remembered for her Nursery Rhymes. They have entertained children for generations. What she is less well known for, but has also gifted generations of children with, is a large number of tongue twisters. She did these things to help children develop their linguistic skills in a fun way. Many of these classics have been collected here and are offered up in one place for future generations of children to entertain each other with. Also included is a small collection of her famous (and some less well known) nursery rhymes.